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TeaPotHow to boil herbal tea:

Put the bag of herbs in a pot

Then cover the herbs with water

This may be about 7 cups<!–more–>

Then simmer the herbs down to 1/2 volume

Then strain the herb tea and set aside

Put in new water to the pot of herbs and boil and simmer down to 1/2 volume

Should be about 7 cups down to 3 1/2 cups

Strain this tea and combine it with the 1st boiled tea

It should measure around 7 cups.

If not, divide the total volume by 7 parts

Take 1 part per day

(If it is more than 7 cups, take more than 1 c a day

If less than 7 cups take less than 7 cups a day.

Refrigerate herbal tea

If you cannot drink it all in 7-9 days then freeze the rest.

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