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From Pleasant Hill, Concord area, and northern points via 680: Get onto 24 westbound, take central Lafayette exit, keep going right from the off ramp. Right turn past the filling station. Get into left lane westbound on Mt. Diablo Blvd., turn left onto Moraga Rd. (Wells Fargo on left, Bank of America on right just before the turn). Follow ‘Continue’ instructions below.

From Berkeley, Oakland, Marin or San Francisco: Get onto 24 eastbound. Take Oak Hill Rd exit, go to right off ramp. Turn left at first traffic light onto eastbound Mt. Diablo Blvd. and get into right lane. At next traffic light, turn right onto Moraga Rd. (Wells Fargo on right, Safeway and Bank of America on left just before turn). Follow ‘Continue’ instructions below.

Continue: From Moraga Rd. turn left onto St. Mary’s Rd. at third traffic light after your previous turn, or where Moraga Rd. narrows from 4 lanes to 3 (Do not turn immediately after see the sign “St. Mary’s Rd” – this is School St and the next left is St. Mary’s Rd.) Turn right onto the first street after starting down St. Mary’s Rd. This is Solana Dr. Continue following it while it curves, crosses Hamlin Rd, and goes up a steep hill. Turn left at the top. 749 Solana Dr. is several addresses ahead on the right.

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