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S.C.E.N.A.R. is an acronym for Self Controlling Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulation, and denotes both a therapy and the advanced medical treatment device with which this therapy is applied. It is one of the most effective, non-invasive, pain-relieving tools available today.

By Jane Albright

The Scenar 97.4 is a healing device invented by Russian Scientists for use in space, where Russian cosmonauts would have a means of treating themselves in orbit, without the need to take drugs.

Using a simple 9 volt battery the Scenar works by stimulating the brain with a constantly varying signal that causes it to instruct your nervous system to generate Neuropeptides, the key biochemicals needed by your body to heal itself. As we age and, for some conditions, even when we are young, our brain tends to become habituated to a disease or injury rather than aggressively enabling the generation of the neuropeptides needed to affect a complete recovery. Because of its unique, computer controlled biofeedback capabilities and ability to stimulate the neuropeptide-generating c fibres of the nervous system, the Scenar constantly achieves results that amaze people all over the world.

The Scenar is also routinely used in some areas of Russia in accident and emergency rooms in hospitals because of its phenomenal ability to enable rapid recovery from cardiac arrest, massive trauma and coma. Coupled with the TMB blanket the Scenar may be the answer to many people’s hopes and dreams.

In our busy lifestyles our bodies can become increasingly debilitated by the loss of bio-electrical energy. Your body can replace some of this energy, but as you get older your ability to generate it decreases, leading to a much lower quality of life, and an increase probability of chronic illness.

This problem was first recognized by Dr Wilhelm Reich in the 1930’s. He created a series of orgon accumulators, consisting of multiple layers of organic and inorganic materials, that he used to heal patients suffering from illnesses such as arthritis and cancer, which other forms of medicine had previously failed to cure.

The benefits when used with the 97.4 Scenar are astonishing. TESTIMONIALS with SCENAR Dislocation, Fracture & more In October of last year I had a very bad fall, resulting in a dislocated shoulder, fractured arm, torn ligaments and a damaged bicep.

As you can imagine, I was in a great deal of pain and unable to perform the simplest of tasks unaided. Unfortunately I was not able to see my Scenar therapist for about 3 weeks and the doctors and physiotherapist told me that I would probably not regain full mobility for 6 months to a year.

However, after only 15 sessions of Scenar, I was able to shower, wash my hair, dress myself, eat properly and resume driving lessons. I am now back to living a normal life. The greatest advantage was pain relief, enabling me to sleep, I was waking up every hour with the pain, and also to do the exercises I was given, both of which speeded my recovery enormously.

Eventually I regained full mobility after only 3 months and this is, in my opinion, entirely due to Scenar Therapy. I only wish it were available in hospitals, thereby easing the suffering of so many people. T.D./UK 23-4-2005 (Client-Patient)


Having tried a vast variety of treatments to cure years of suffering from low grade peristent cluster migraines, I at long last found a cure with this magnificent treatment [Scenar]. The results were not instant, having had 10 sessions, I did not notice a difference. However, sometime during the following 4-8 weeks, the headaches reduced in number and after approx. 3 months I was no longer suffering. The intense relief this has given me has changed my life – to wak up every day and not to have a headache is a wonderful thing. For this I thank your practitioner for her skills. S.M./UK 15-6-2005 (Client-Patient)

Case History – Mr H. : Fractured Hip

I have worked for 30+ years as a trained nurse in the south coast of the UK. Having become very concerned about the pharmacological control used for acute and chronic pain, in conventional medicine, and the system of palliating symptoms rather than finding and treating the cause, I converted to Alternative and Complementary practices. When I started to use the AcuScen I was astounded by the positive effects this tiny instrument was having on my clients, so would like to share with you a very successful case history, hoping that the methodology may be of use, or that you could give feed back.

4 years ago Mr H sustained a fractured hip which was surgically replaced, unfortunately, due to infection, this was unsuccessful and required removal of the prosthesis, leaving Mr H wheelchair bound. After undergoing conventional therapy for 2 years he turned towards alternative medicine as a last ditch attempt to gain some independence. His expectations where low, just a wish to be able to stand to shave and have pain free periods.

On initial assessment I found him to be in constant pain (occasional acute on chronic requiring frequent, strong analgesia). He was malnourished, ill kempt and had a sacral sore (his carer being his wife who suffered from osteoarthritis). The District Nurse was changing his wound dressings twice a week and giving local therapy for MRSA. My priority was to improve his immune system to be able to initiate homeostasis. To this end I used Bioresonance, dietary advice and local wound therapy. The hip wound was inflamed with 3 small openings draining yellow fluid, the sacral wound was inflamed with a coin sized area of necrosis. These I treated with dilute Tea tree oil, non adherent dressings and twice weekly AcuScen (my SCENAR instrument of choice, as I have found it the most efficient and easiest to use). The settings I used, on the healthy surrounding tissue, where; Frequency – 130, Modulation – 5:1, Damping – 3, Depth – variable and energy adjusted each visit. This was followed each session with 10 minutes wrapped in a Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket (TMB).

Within 3 weeks Mr H had a more positive attitude, his wounds had healed, his nutrition improved, he was well groomed and the acute pain kept under control with occasional Paracetamol. Whilst treating the acute symptoms I decided on a protocol to address the cause of Mr H’s problems. Using the AcuScen (Scan Mode) on the Back Shu points (the Teppone Method), I noted areas of erythema and raised initial reaction over the following Bladder (111) acupoints; 11 – Bone, 14 – Circulation, 18 – Liver and 22 – Triple heater. Therapy entailed giving a “Dose” then holding to bring the velocity to 0.

Now was the time to improve the musculature surrounding the missing hip joint (the Gluteus Medius & Maximus, Piriformis, Superior and Inferior Gemellus, Obturator Internus & Externus and the Quadratus Femoris). This was undertaken utilizing the “Double Var” method (Variable Frequency & Depth) slowly sweeping over the whole upper leg area and followed by 10 minutes wrapped in the TMB healing blanket, on a weekly basis.

There was one temporary setback, when the local hospital pain clinic prescribed a TENS machine placed over his lumbar area. This caused such pain that a home visit and three extra AcuScen sessions were required to reverse the damage done. Within 8 weeks Mr H was walking for 20 minutes a day, with the aid of one walking stick (a 2 inch shoe stack required on the affected side).

He has moved from this area 18 months ago, coming for review on an annual basis, he is pain free, happy and, most of all, independent.

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Physiological basis of SCENAR-therapy

One of the main principles of medicine that has been developed and studied for thousands of years is mobilization of body inherent reserves while using minimum medications.

Cutaneous integument of a living body is an information field accumulating data concerning condition of organs and tissues. The main peripheral informational element on the cutaneous integument is a biologically active point characterized by increased sensibility to any external action.

Due to correlation between cutaneous integuments, organs, and systems, their malfunctions manifest through skin. As a result, our skin functions as an information field accumulating data of the bad organs’ condition.

Acting upon this information field (cutaneous integument) enables external influence upon the disordered organs and functional systems.

Present-day clinical observations prove that malfunction of a certain organ may be eliminated by the appropriate action upon the certain areas of the body.

SCENAR-therapy is effectively applied for treatment of headaches (caused by brain vessels spasm, overstrain and contusion), nervous exhaustion, depression, pain syndromes of neurologic character, muscle spasms, initial stages of any inflammatory process, impotence caused by nervous exhaustion. These are conditions of functional disorders, i. e. disorders of functioning.

SCENAR-therapy is not a panacea. Above all, its action is aimed at normalization of the disordered body functions, while providing harmony in the body and stimulation of its defense potentials.

Considered as a biological object, a human body is an organized complex of functionally related cells, tissues, organs and systems. Their correlation provides vital functions of the body under constantly modifying conditions.

A human body may be considered as a system with a number of subordinate according to a certain hierarchy feedbacks. This system is half-open to external environment. The biological system is constantly exchanging its substance, energy and information with the external environment. Conditions of the environment are continuously changing, which may require maximum use of the adapting abilities of a human being.

At the same time, a human body is a great information system. Every functional system of a living body ‹ from central nervous system to cells and cell parts ‹ is supplied with controlling, executive, and monitoring elements and feedback system.

Control of every system can be carried out by two ways: changing its structure or conditions of functioning. The first way is rather complicated. The second one, which suggests control of the systems, is carried out with SCENAR. This method is aimed at restoration of the optimal activity of cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body. A living body reveals amazing potential during complicated processes of regulation. The success of regulation mostly depends on the cutaneous integument.

For a long time skin has been considered as a regulator of various physiological functions. Irritating different reflexive areas it is possible to eliminate pain, cramps, increase or decrease metabolism, accelerate or decelerate cardiac rhythm.

Body reaction depends upon the irritated area, due to peculiarities of the nervous system adapting the body and its systems to the conditions of external environment. There are certain cutaneous integuments of increased physiological activity which are applied for treatment of various disorders by SCENAR-therapy methods.

The most complicated engineering (like spaceship) is crammed with thousands of sensors and receptors controlling and monitoring units, modules, etc. Skin has much more sensors and receptors carrying minute data, concerning all the processes in the internals and their condition, and receiving important information from the environment.

Cutaneous integument indicates condition of the internals and regulation systems. After proper processing, this information gives a full picture of the processes occurring in the body.

The cutaneous integument perceives external signals significant for vital activity of the body and control of malfunctions of the internal systems.

Changes in the body are possible on energy and information levels. The action can be conducted upon both the systems and their correlations.

The method of acting with information is more accurate and universal since it promotes control of energy, humoral and other processes.

Skin has a unique ability to combine functions of a diverse sensor and a receptor for different by their physical nature signals. For example, the cutaneous integument perceives signals of such irritants as mechanical (acupuncture and massage) or thermal action, electric current, magnetic field, biological field, laser ray, or ultrasound.

As a receptor, skin can perceive external information in the form of electric, optical, thermal, chemical, magnetic, mechanical and other signals, preprocess it, form appropriate coded signals, and transmit them into control systems of the human body.

More significant for SCENAR-therapy are transmission of information in the form of electric signals (the quickest way) and transmission of the signals through membranes (which is a slower and less studied way).

The irritant is amazingly small, but its energy is unequal to the body response ‹ organism total reaction, because while receiving information, the skin acts as an input circuit of hypersensitive power amplifier, i. e. a human body. As has been proved by physiologists, reticular formation in the centre of the brain, which is our energy centre, amplifies signals of any origin received by our body.

Input signal level is extremely small, but being a control signal, it causes significant energy changes in a human body which has its own power supplies (reticular formation).

It is known that malfunction of any organ causes change of conduction, capacity, and temperature of certain areas of the cutaneous integument. Increased skin sensitivity manifests in painful contact.

This variability of signals at the input and output of cutaneous integument testifies to perfection of creations of nature. Now when information processing can be automated with computers, we can carry out profound study of a human body and create efficient medication-free methods of treatment.

As a rule, biological processes are accompanied by electric currents of very low voltage. Thus, to act upon biological processes occurring in a human body, it would be expedient to apply electric signals in the form of microcurrents of low voltage, with parameters similar to the currents accompanying biological processes.

Electric current of microampere range provides reflexive action upon the central nervous system which enables influencing vital processes at the cell level by stimulation and inhibition, transferring charges or ions, and, sometimes, by destruction or creation of individual cell formations.

Such action can be put into practice by various devices providing low voltage direct current of microampere range and alternating current of certain frequency and intensity. In contrast to this, SCENAR-therapy acts upon the body with voltage pulses similar to biological ones. The action is focused on harmonization of body vital activity and stimulation of its defensive potential by invoking the idle body reserves.

One should always bear in mind that our body is coded for maintaining its homeostasis, i. e. coordination of organs and systems. First of all, the method is effective for treatment of functional disorders.

Amazing results of SCENAR-treatment of various acute and chronic conditions is hardly explainable from the scientific point of view. But the facts are stubborn things ‹ patients do recover! This is obviously promoted by the following:

Information in a human body is transmitted in the form of bipolar short pulses of electric current without direct current level.

Cutaneous integument and organs of sense are an information field connecting external environment and complicated processes occurring inside the human body.

A human body can be considered as a hierarchic system with a number of feedbacks, which exist on every level and are related both across and down.

This provides self-regulation, connection >with the external environment, and enables reaction upon the changes of the latter.

The internal environment is focused on preserving its homeostasis. That is why, mobile system of a human body should be acted upon by the identical self-regulating mobile system, like SCENAR.

SCENAR may put into practice the views, ideas and hypotheses supporting a unified theory of diseases origin. Two similar systems ‹ a human body and SCENAR ‹ can cooperate with each other. Of course, a human body is a leader in this interaction, and SCENAR is a means executing the body commands and providing help. Such harmonious cooperation contributes to successful treatment of many diseases and pathological conditions with SCENAR series devices.

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