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The following treatment protocols are suggestions from the Morgellons Disease Newsgroup and also generally recommended by Marjorie Singler, California licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. For more specific herbal and nutritional consultations for Morgellons sufferers, phone consultations can be arranged by appointment along with a medical history questionnaire at 925-283-9931 at the rate of $150/hr.

Morgellons environmental control

JapaneseFurniture – eliminate all furniture that has cloth upholstery‹put all pillows and blankets in closed storage bags and store away from house. Leather furniture is fine. IF you cannot eliminate furniture with cloth upholstery, then cover the furniture with plastic sheeting bought from Home Depot or hardware store.

Sheets – wash sheets and towels every day with the laundry methods described below under “laundry” 1 capful of Basic H (made from Shaklee) plus1/4 c of oxyclean and borax. Alternatively,1/4c citric acid can be substituted for basic H (it is cheaper, but eventually can wear out your washing machine) 1/4c Kleen Green can be substituted for basic H but it is a bit expensive.

LAUNDRY For one regular load of laundry,buse 1 capful of Basic H (made from Shaklee) plus1/4 c of oxyclean and borax. Alternatively,1/4c citric acid can be substituted for basic H (it is cheaper, but eventually can wear out your washing machine) 1/4c Kleen Green can be substituted for basic H but it is a bit expensive.

*****IMPORTAN – SOAK clothes/sheets towels for 1 hour before washing in hot water.********This gives more contact time for the organism to be disabled. To save effort with laundry, use smaller towels every day or cut big towel in 4 portions. Cut sheet in half and put 1Ž2 on bottom and 1Ž2 as cover sheet. Buy plastic covers for mattresses and pillows online. If possible, use polyester blankets instead of cotton, down or wool. sheets and towels can be purchased at thrift store very inexpensively.

FLOORS – If you do not have wooden/tile floors, then buy plastic hardware store to put on floors all over the carpet. IF possible, get rid of carpets. With wooden/tile/ or carpets with plastic sheeting, you must mop floors every day with Kleen Green (diluted as directed) or 3% chlorox solution.

CLOTHES – Every family members’ clothes must be soaked and washed every day with the ‘laundry’ methods described above. MAKE SURE to always clean out the laundry hamper with dirty clothes in it with KLEEN GREEN after using it. MAKE SURE to separate the CLEAN laundry hamper from the dirty laundry hamper. Morgellons organisms really like the dryer filter as well as dust fibers in the vacuum cleaner. Please get the unaffected family member to clean out the dryer filter and the vacuum bag. Always put these types of garbages in a closed plastic bag and disposed of outside in the garbage can.

DRAPES – Get rid of drapes/curtains and if shade/privacy is needed, use non-fabric blinds as a substitute

FAMILY Members: – Morgellons is not necessarily contagious to persons with a strong immune system. However, it can be contagious to persons in close proximity (family members) or who have weakened immune systems. In addition, even if family members who have strong immune systems do not catch it, they can also act as carriers for the morgellons organism which can RE-INFECT the patient over and over again. Thus, since this is a SCABIES-like organism, one must take the same precautions as scabies and have EVERYONE in the household have their clothes and sheets and towels disinfected EVERY DAY by the above laundering methods, until there is no symptom left in the affected patient family member.

This helps to control the re-infection of Morgellons from family member to family member even if not all family members have symptoms.

HOUSE – Every 2-4 weeks spray the floors and affected walls and celings of the house with either diluted KLEEN GREEN, or diluted ECO VIE (sometimes not available) A herbicidal sprayer purchased from hardware store for this saves more time than hand spraying.

Alternatively, one can buy antimicrobial essential oils called “Thieves” from, and buy a aerosol mister online. One puts several drops of thieves oil in several misters in each room with water and let the mister go for approx. 8-10 hrs while one leaves the house which disinfects the air and walls. Antibactial misting is recommended for 8-10 hrs every 2-4 weeks. Also, 1 hour of antibacterial misting is recommended for 1hr/day in the bedrooms , living room and kitchen of the house (main areas being used)

Hair – Use an antifungal shampoo every day such as nizoral. Or JASONS DANDRUFF shampoo or use a scabies herbal formula hair soak purchased from the health food store until the hair is less itchy.

Pets – Get pets tested for parasites as well as Bartonella (especially cats), If they are positive, get them treated by the vet. Assume pets are also harboring morgellons in their hair and also a source of re-infection to you. Thoroughly Bathe pets at least once a month.If possible, put on a blend of thieves antibacterial oil once a day to ward off Morgellons. Also put cedar oil in their pet crib to ward off Morgellons.

KEEP PET OUTSIDE or 2nd best , in the garage, so that it is not a source of re-infection to you. Get pets on vitamins and fatty acids to get their skin and health better.Feed them healthy foods such as canned lamb or salmon.NEVER let pets in your bed or on furniture -big source of contamination

Skin – Put DSP (divine skin protection) on the affected areas once a day. If you react to it, try diluting it with water by 1Ž2 or 80%.

Soak at least 1X/day for a minimum of ONE HOUR in 2 bottle capfuls of meito no umi Yamashiro brand hot springs salts (from Japan)‹can be bought online from . You will see several structures come out in the bathwater‹as time goes on the amount will be less and less until Morgellons pretty much goes away.

EFFECTIVENESS of Soaking in hot spring salts

Soaking in the hot spring salts can be extremely effective because one can drain out many of the organisms, fibers, biofilm, every day so that the microbial load to the immune system is much lower.The hot spring salts also make the old scabs come off so that healing can occur and they relieve itching tremendously and calm the person down. The salts also nourish the skin and make it healthier, unlike the hydrogenperoxide soaks which are very harsh to the skin. However, one must make to take a shower afterwards and wash the salt off after the bath soak.


One can assume that if one is suffering from Morgellons with several symptoms, that they may also have lyme disease and should appropriately treated for lyme disease at the same time. This will also help their recovery from Morgellons go faster. Nurse practitioner, Ginger Savely , FNP, has published a study on Morgellons where she found that 90% of all Morgellons patients also had lyme disease.Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics, and /or natural herbal formulas.For this article, go to (See my website section on lyme disease diagnosis and treatment)

Under Pets: One can assume that the pets are minimally a carrier for Morgellons (especially in the hair) and a BIG source of re-infection to the patient.But also one might assume that especially cats may have the Morgellons disease (since 60% of cats also have Bartonella, and lyme and its co-infections of Bartonella and Morgellons go together). Therefore, one must also treat the animals as much as possible (especially if one must keep the animal in the house or garage).

One can possibly give this homeopathic detoxifier to the pets from for the liver and kidney, as well as resveratrol which is good for young pets as well as seniors. Resveratrol is an excellent antioxidant, great for immune system, and also helps to kill Lyme if it is there—(Newton Homeopathics Detoxifier-#161012). Newton Homeopathics Detoxifier stimulates liver and kidney function to remove toxins and improve metabolism. Recommended for use with any other remedy and supplements to maximize their benefits.

For Dogs, (not cats) one can use a combo of tea tree oil citrus,and lavender mixed with olive oil, or just spray Kleen Green every day on the animal (this is not recommended if your animal is sickly and allergic).

Websites for products:


The following hygienic additional sugggestions for Morgellons control are taken from the blog from Marc Neuman. In the 3rd paragraph, particular attention is drawn to the use of Uvc light. Uvc (NOT Uva or Uvb)is particularly effective at killing a wide range of microbes and is used in scientific labs for de-comtamination. It can be very helpful to get Uvc wands for counters and Uvc carpet sweepers for floors and a Uvc light that one can install in the heating system. Each system is about $100.This is particularly useful for one that does not have the energy to use the KLEEN GREEN enzyme spray all over the floors and walls, or if one has to have carpets and cannot put plastic liners over the carpets.Additionally, one can use Both the Uvc light and also use KLEEN GREEN all over the house and laundry.

****WARNING****: Uvc lights are extremely harmful to humans and other living things. Do NOT use Uvc light wands on any living thing–it is only to use on inanimate surfaces/ .

From Marc Neuman:
To help prevent re-infection during initial treatment, one cheap suggestion for clothing is to buy paper/wax (painter overalls). These can be purchased for 2-3 dollar a pair and can be changed daily. Ultimately, purchasing the overalls will reduce contaminations and clothing costs.You can purchase overalls at –( )

Enviromental Cleansing:

Swiffer towels are electrostatically charged/loaded and therefore they can attract dust particles but also these fibers. Or use this Electrostatically-charged dust collection grid which traps particles & pollutants like a magnet, or try this UV-Vacum cleaner on this site.

You may also use a negative ionic generator as the Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier which can also purify the air from pathogens and attract with its needles dust and plastic fibers. Also UV-C lights are a good idea to clean the environment and cloth from pathogens. Costs may vary for each device between 50- 200 U.S. Dollar. Both devices are sold also, as two in one device, e.g. on the canadian site

Avoid skin to skin contact with yourself (auto re-infection) and between you and other individuals. Try to avoid entertaining (visitors) at your home for the next time. Avoid face and body massages and try not doing normally things like boring inside or picking at the nose, ears and skin. Try to avoid placing your fingers in your mouth or somewhere else (applies also to the lower areas).

In treating a subcutaneous infestation of the organisms, one should treat a wide skin surface area. The manifestations of the fibers, larvae, etc. that may be visible in a certain area, for example, the neck, the hairline and behind the ear, can actually be on the entire body surface and subcutaneously. Treating just the neck, hairline and behind the ear would be ineffective.

One learns to gradually differentiate between whether or not a reinfestation took place from one area of the epidermis (skin) to another or from a source outside of the epidermis. In learning this, one can more effectively prevent re-infestation of either kind. If a wide skin surface area is of special concern; with exzema conditions, at the shoulders or back, this is usually due to biofilm, fibers, larvae or eggs which have just become active due to moisture (sweat or water).

Whether from the skin or an external source, such as the underwear, these symptoms remain the same. If one is wearing a freshly laundered shirt or pants, for example but then develops a new herd of infestation, on the already existing contact areas, one can come to the conclusion that one was re-infected by the clothes. Despite their washed laundering and surely also the plastic hangers etc., they were not free of fibers, biofilm, or other life form manifestations.

If one tries hard to keep the environment hygienic and to avoid all possibilities of re-infection, but still develops new pimples, this is a frustrating experience. Usually, in this instance, a re-infecton took place from one’s own fingers or eyeglasses, etc. It is a fallacy to think that the parasites are only under/on the skin located or just getting the environment as hygienic as possible will prevent re-infestation through external objects from the environment, both instances are always possible.

Scraping skin surfaces where there are many small pimples (called goose skin), each pimpel always contains fibers, biofilm or insectal eggs if you have also an insect infestation. One should be aware of being a potential; latent parasite carrier. As a carrier, one can constantly infect inert objects, animals and other humans. This infection and contamination of the environment occurs daily and repeatedly. More often than one might think. It is common to be covered completely or partially with a honey-like layer on the skin. (bacterial-fungal biofilm). Whatever you touch becomes contaminated with that sticky biofilm.

Therefore, one should think of this illness in the same manner that one thinks of a typical fungal infestation, which also increase daily if this illness is ignored or treated halfheartedly. Instead of denying the parasite’s existence, when not visible and saying, for example, “Right now, I do not have any parasites on my fingers,” one should consider, always, the possibility that there are parasites on the fingers, or elsewhere on the body. Even if there is no visible evidence. Being aware of all is the only sure way of success against re-infection.

Morgellons-disease-research forum newsgroup (from the internet) written by “bubba” global moderator

“I have spent countless hours researching and thousands of dollars trying many products and treatments. others on this forum have also provided valuable information. to expedite recovery, the following treatments steps have been devised. they are not a cure, but will greatly help alleviate symptoms. they are safe and effective (note: these are not product advertisements or promotions)”

Essential items to obtain:

several bottles hydrogen peroxide 3% (16 oz or larger) -35% strength: pour 1 oz of 35% h202 into pint jar, add 11oz distilled water, making 12oz 3.5%
several canisters (’26 oz) salt (e.g. mortons)
2 empty spray bottles (16 oz)
Eco-vie topical cleanser note: if you cannot obtain eco-vie, use white (clear) vinegar nizoral shampoo – 2% ketoconazole– potentanti-fungal that seems highly effective and is available without prescription in almost all grocery and drugstotres. lactic acid cream – lactic acid cream is recommended by dr. harvey (chair of morgellons research foundation) see link, scroll to end:
Walgreen’s pharmacy carries over the counter amlactin ~$14.99 or see link:
dsp (divine skin protection) order minimal 4 to 6 jars from: United States:
outside United States:

paper towels various products containing citric acid (see link):
citric acid powder:

borax laundry booster – sold at wal-mart, 20 mule team borax
colloidal silver –
silver sulfadiazine (silvadene) – silver cream
bounce brand anti static fabric softener dryer sheets treatment steps:

Note: while waiting for products, begin taking salt/peroxide baths or sprays and vinegar/salt baths or sprays. do on opposite days and apply lactic acid cream to sores to alleviate discomfort. begin initial treatment below after obtaining all items topical – initial skin and scalp treatment:

Day 1:
take peroxide/salt bath or spray (see directions below) shower with nizoral – rinse dry with paper towels and discard apply dsp cream over entire body leave dsp on 1-2 hours – shower with nizoral shampoo for soap & hair. dry with paper towels and discard reapply dsp cream and leave on (or sleep with on) apply dsp to itchy or problem areas as needed

Day 2:
shower with nizoral before using eco-vie or vinegar take eco-vie bath or spray (or vinegar/salt if not using eco-vie) (see directions below) do not rinse let air dry – hair dryer helps apply dsp over entire body and leave on apply dsp to itchy or problem areas as needed

Day 3:
take peroxide/salt bath or spray (see directions below) shower with nizoral and rinse dry with paper towels and discard apply dsp over entire body and leave on apply dsp to itchy or problem areas as needed

Day 4: repeat day 2
Day 5: repeat day 3
Day 6: repeat day 2
Day 7: repeat day 3

Week 2:
if you have stubborn lesions, continue alternating days 2 and 3 until all lesions are healed if lesions are healing, you can opt to apply dsp only on problem areas – eliminating daily baths or sprays weekly baths or sprays with each solution is recommended for maintenance along with daily dsp use

Stubborn or problematic areas:
if you experience intense needle-prick pains, itching, and crawling sensations, even after baths or sprays and dsp application, try: dab lactic acid cream on problematic sores – it will burn approx 30 seconds then subside – the pain will stop. reapply dsp over area gently rub 10 ppm colloidal silver into problem area, let dry – reapply dsp cream on area

Directions for baths or sprays:
Peroxide/salt baths: pour 2 or 3 (16 oz bottles) of 3% hydrogen peroxide into normal size bathtub (large jacuzzi tub use 4 or 5 bottles) pour in one ’26 oz canister salt fill tub with warm water soak entire body for 30 minutes or longer [test water on a sore to make sure solution is not too strong. it does not need to hurt to work. you may want to start with 2 bottles and add more as tolerated] for ear or eye discomfort, slide under water and let solution enter ears and open eyes to clean them out – should be diluted enough to be tolerable. you will see lots of floating “things” in the beginning – this will clear from skin quickly initially, skin might “erupt” and a temporary increase in bumps may occur. this is not a reaction to peroxide. it is a “die-off” and the skin is expelling dead organisms. it is important to treat all the skin to prevent the organisms from moving to an untreated area. after peroxide bath, wash entire body with nizoral and rinse – otherwise, peroxide will dry out skin and hair. for excessive creepy crawly sensations on scalp, add a hand full of salt to nizoral shampoo when washing hair. dry with paper towels and discard. brush teeth with baking soda toothpaste and rinse mouth with capful of peroxide – rinse toothbrush with peroxide after each use – do twice a day.

Peroxide/salt sprays:
if unable to take baths, mix 8 oz warm water, 1 oz peroxide and 1/2 oz salt wash entire body with nizoral and rinse stand (or sit) in shower and spray entire body leave on ~ 5 min – rinse, repeat, rinse again [if stings, decrease peroxide and salt] dry with paper towels and discard

Eco-vie baths:
shower with nizoral before using eco-vie pour 1/8 cup (equals 1 fl oz, 2 tbs, or 30 cc) eco-vie into 4-5 inches lukewarm bath water (measure at shallowest part of tub) soak entire body for 30 min or longer – slide under water and let water enter ears and open eyes do not rinse and do not dry – air dry (blow dryer helps) do not use peroxide and eco-vie in same bath water. peroxide will kill “friendly” bacteria in eco-vie

Eco-vie sprays:
shower with nizoral before using eco-vie if unable take baths, mix 11/2 tbs (20cc or 3/4 fl oz) eco-vie and 1 cup lukewarm water in spray bottle spray entire body, inside ears, nostrils, anal and genital areas do not rinse – air dry gently rub skin with bare hand in circular motion – you may feel fibers “wadding up” – pull out of skin and discard in paper towel to avoid the possibility of de-activating the product, the company that makes eco-vie suggested warming up distilled water (in the microwave or on the stove) and mixing it with the eco-vie in a spray bottle (following the instructions above). this way there is no chlorine, or other chemicals. they also suggested that one pre-fill the bathtub and let the water sit for about 12-24 hours. this allows chlorine in the water to dissipate. then you can add the eco-vie and it will not be de-activated.

Vinegar/salt baths:
shower with nizoral before using vinegar if using vinegar instead of eco-vie, pour 16 oz vinegar in full tub add 1 canister salt soak entire body for 30 min or longer – slide under water and let enter ears and open eyes do not dry – air dry

Vinegar/salt sprays:
shower with nizoral before using vinegar if using vinegar instead of eco-vie, mix 4 oz vinegar, 1 oz salt to 12 oz warm water – if stings, reduce vinegar spray entire body do not rinse – air dry eyes, ears, nose, genital and other sensitive areas: you may experience an increase in irritation in certain areas when you begin soaks, sprays, and creams (ear, eye, nose, anal, vaginal, scrotal, belly-button areas). the organisms are “looking” for places to hide where topical (skin) treatments cannot get them. if this occurs try: rub dsp cream on any of the areas (do not put in eyes). dip a tampon in it and insert it or put on q-tip and swab ears or nostrils place 2 drops 10 ppm colloidal silver into eyes or ears if do not have prescription drops take eco-vie bath – slide under water – let water enter ears and open eyes, dip tampon in and insert it, spray on feminine napkin or tissue and place against body make eco-vie spritz and spray entire body – inside every orifice: ears, eyes, mouth (swish and spit, don’t swallow), nostrils, belly button, under breasts, on/around/inside genital region, anal opening, under buttocks, back of knees, and between toes – air dry use any other method that works for you

Systemic – Internal treatment:
go to lymephotos website and read the salt and vitamin c protocol (2nd link below):

The following link provides suggestions for treatment medications (click link, scroll to “treatment implementation”):

NOTE: This information does not replace consultation with a healthcare provider

Several other helpful treatments are recommended such as:
Garlic – a natural antifungal – several members on this forum have reported excellent results – see links:

Cumin – clears “brain-fog” and enhances energy levels – see link:

Colloidal Silver – see “product use explanation” below and click on links:

ENVIRONMENTAL – Home, Car, Clothing (essential to eliminate reinfection) Home and Cars:
Purchase plastic zipper mattress covers for beds (Wal-Mart sells many sizes)
Mix 1/2 cup Eco-Vie to 2 gallons warm water and pour into spray bottle (or lawn and garden sprayer).
Spray ENTIRE home (furniture, drapes, carpets, inside cars, shoes, pet bedding, bare floors) once dry, it will not leave odors (Do monthly)
Spray Eco-Vie on paper towel and wipe appliances, tables, cabinets, ceiling fans, etc. or use cleaning product with citric acid (see essential items to obtain “i” above)
Remove all rugs and throw pillows and place in plastic bags and store away
Vacuum all carpets and furniture and discard vacuum bag.
After initial cleaning, maintenance is much easier – Divide home into sections and clean one section at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed and quit before you start

Laundry Care and Personal Items:

Personal Items:
DO NOT use same towel or washrag twice
DO NOT wear same clothing twice without washing
Spray hair care items with Eco-Vie after each use
Spray shoes with Eco-Vie weekly or more often


Technique A:
Fill washing machine with WARM water and stop machine Add 1/8 cup (1 fl oz, 2 TBS, or 30 cc) Eco-Vie, Soak 1-2 hours Drain, Add detergent, 1/2 cup Borax – wash (Whites may discolor from Eco-Vie – use bleach after draining) Dry on HOT – use Bounce fabric softener sheets

Technique B
Fill washing machine with HOT water and stop machine Add 1/8 cup of Citric Powder (test colors prior to use), Soak 1-2 hours Drain, add detergent, 1/2 cup Borax – Wash Dry on HOT – use Bounce fabric softener sheets

Technique C
Some laundry products already contain citric acid – (see “Essential items to obtain” “i” above) Perform Technique B and use product from list instead of citric powder NOTE: Wash all clothes and bedding (pillows, blankets, comforters, stuffed animals) with one of the techniques to kill any eggs or organisms. Do the techniques for each load during initial treatment and then as needed Wipe out dirty laundry baskets with Eco-Vie on paper towel or use a citrus cleaning product Place pillows, comforters, stuffed toys, etc in dryer on HIGH heat for 30-45 min each night before bed, (with bounce brand dryer anti-static, fabric softener sheet) during initial treatment stage, then as needed thereafter – to eliminate mites or other infestations For more detailed suggestions refer to the following link:

Optional Treatment:
Infrared Sauna – Many bacteria and fungi produce endotoxins that cause fever (body’s natural defense to infection). Infrared heat differs from regular heat saunas because it heats the body rather than the air surrounding the body mimicking natural fever induction. Infrared sauna therapy improves oxygenation, promotes tissue repair (heals scars), and detoxifies. Drink LOTS of fluid before and after. Find one near your home (gym or spa) work up to 30 or 45 minutes twice a week at 120 degrees F or higher. If you want to build one, you can do it for ~ $75.00. See link to learn more: p?topic=97.0 and

Seek professional help:
This disease affects many individuals with a poor immune system (such as Lyme Disease). It is important to get checked out by a doctor and begin improving your immune system. (Medications may be necessary – see topic II above) See Ways to improve your immune system:

CDC Morgellons hotline 404-718-1199

For extensive information, visit the following site:

Product Use Explanation:

Hydrogen peroxide/salt – targets skin lesions (calluses or nests). These sores contain black specks, tiny white seeds and immature wormlike organisms (larvae). The ozone effect created by the hydrogen peroxide and the salinity (saltiness) of the water is very effective at killing these stages of the life-cycle. The lesions ooze a gelatinous type substance that forms a “pseudo-scab” over the sore. It is very difficult to remove. The baths break down this gelatinous pseudo-scab and allow you to clean the wound. The hard white granules (seeds) imbed into skin layers making removal painful and difficult. However after soaking, they are less able to adhere to the tissue. Most skin lesions contain multiple larvae (10 or 20) depending on the size of the lesion. If these nests are not cleaned out, they will continue to expand. As the larvae mature, they occupy the nest until they are able to make tunnels or burrows creating the “creepy crawly” sensations.

Eco-Vie – is a topical cleansing product that is effective at killing the mature fiber stage of the organisms on skin surface and in the environment. The product is an all natural, non-chemical bactericide and fungicide. Multiple applications of the product must be performed over an extended period of time in order to eliminate all organisms. This product is essential to eliminate environmental organisms from surroundings.

Nizoral – contains Ketoconazole (2%). This is a potent anti-fungal that can attenuate and kill the Morgellons organisms on the body and hair.

Lactic Acid Cream – contains 12% lactic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid). It will burn when first applied for approx 30 seconds, like pouring alcohol on an open cut. It is an effective PAIN reliever and will stop the needle-like stabbing pains. It also inhibits the pseudo-scab formation over the lesions, thus enabling the DSP product to enter the lesion and kill the organisms. The lesions actually heal from the bottom of the lesion up instead of from the top down.

DSP Cream – rapidly speeds the healing process and alleviates severe itching and some pain sensations. It penetrates the skin and kills the infection inside the lesions allowing them to heal quickly. There is no pain or burning during application of DSP. It is safe and non-toxic and can be used in the ears and nose, and around the eyes, mouth, genital, and anal areas. It has a fruity scent and absorbs into the skin leaving no greasy residue. The initial treatment will require 2-3 jars per person and maintenance will depend on the individual’s infection and usage of the product. The sufferer will drastically improve in 2 or 3 weeks or less. DSP should be used as an ongoing treatment to prevent reinfection. We have an ongoing DSP trial group reporting about use with this cream.

Borax – sodium tetraborate decahydrate – made from borate salts – it does not contain phosphates or chlorine – it is used as a mild antiseptic, antifungal, and insecticide – it will eliminate mites and other infestations or organisms from material and help keep them away (in the case of a co-infection)

Citric Acid – an acid found in citrus fruits – it is the active ingredient in many household cleaners – it reacts with bases to form salt – this lowers pH, which inhibits bacteria growth – it works similar to vinegar – it has a “bleaching” effect on colors, so be sure to test prior to adding to laundry or using on furniture and carpets.

Colloidal Silver – has bactericidal properties and also helps the immune system fight viruses and fungal infections – it is used to treat severe burns, microbial infections, multi-drug resistant microbes (akasuperbugs), and also helps with tissue regeneration

Silver sulfadiazine cream – contains silver – it is used primarily for burns – it kills bacteria and helps the body regenerate the burned area

These steps DO WORK, but it will take TIME. You should feel better after the first week. DO NOT stop treatment until every sore is healed. Do not give up. You must do this CONSISTENTLY to kill all organisms. It took a while for the infection to take over your body and it will take a while to “undo” the damage.

Once all lesions heal, continue maintenance as needed. If a new bump forms, dab it quickly with DSP. Spray yourself and your environment with Eco-vie as often as necessary to keep safe from reinfection.

May God give you the courage and strength to battle this disease. You CAN do it!

Reference sites:

Marjorie Singler’s comments regarding these protocols below are that they are very good but some people can develop sensitivity to substances put on the skin or bath soaks. One has to determine if their symptoms of aggravated itching is due to development of an allergic sensitivity,OR hertzeimer reactions from Morgellons.

Many times, patients are developing allergic hypersensitivity because their immune system is down.It does not mean that there is necessarily more die-off (as in Herzeimer reaction),and the patient does not have to tolerate this aggravation of symptoms from allergic hypersensitivity if he or she simply uses Meito no umiJapanese hot spring salts which nourish the skin and make the skin LESS hypersensitive.

  1. If the itching is due to allergic sensitivity, one additional product that is extremely healthy to the skin is japanese hot spring salts (meito no umi from One should put in a capful of salts in 1/4 tub ofhot water and let it dissolve and settle first to allow any fragrance to evaporate, then fill up the tub and soak for at least 1 hour. The salts will help to stop the itching/nourish the skin and allow organisms/fungus to come out, but at the same time relax and calm the person.
  2. Eco-vie is extremely effective to use as a spray on the skin for Morgellons sufferers, but if they develop sensitivity to the product or have hertzeimers reactions, they must dilute it even more than directed (50-75% more) and use it less often (instead of every day-use every other day or 2x/week.
  3. Japanese hot spring salt soaks are much easier to tolerate on the skin than is hydrogen peroxide soaks, and it just as effective in healing the lesions if not more effective.
  4. Dsp cream is also extremely effective in healing lesions, but if the person develops sensitivity or to much hertzeimer reactions to the cream, they must dilute it 50-75% and use it in that dilution .
  5. many Morgellons sufferers can get totally better just using japanese hot spring salts baths, DSP cream, eco-vie sprays every day, while controlling their environment by soaking and washing all clothes and sheets with kleen green enzyme spray every day, and spraying their floors, walls, furniture car, pets with eco-vie or kleen green enzyme spray.
  6. Morgellons sufferers who have severe symptoms need also to take internal herbs and nutritionals to help both detoxify, strengthen their immune system and kill off fungus, parasites, viruses, and bacteria.



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