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Oriental pediatrics is quite a fascinating field. Children respond very quickly because they have so much basis life energy or “Chi”. Many disorders such asthma, epilepsy, bed wetting, colic, chronic ear infections, eczema, diarrhea, fever, nosebleeds, bronchitis, hives, insomnia, neurotic or hyperactive behavior, (polio) infectious stage, teething, sinusitis, diaper rash, urinary tract infections, acne or allergies can be cured quite effectively with the methods of treatment of Chinese Medicine.

Interestingly enough, the actual treatment does not involve penetration od needles through the skin. It involves a technique called “Shoni-shin’ which is a light massage using very small instruments like combs which very lightly stimulate the appropriate meridians to balance the child’s or infant’s energy field to cure the illness. This method is quite effective for the above mentioned problems, as well as for infantile cerebral stroke, of which 95% can obtain complete recovery.

There is also another method of needless treatment for children which is “Korean Hand Acupuncture”. In this treatment, the child is diagnosed by looking at their carotid and radial pulses and abdominal palpation. Then the child is treated by putting gold and silver pellets on their hand and fingers according to their diagnosis. They can play with toys for 1/2 hour of the treatment. The treatment is painless and many parents report their child is much calmer and the symptoms improve right after the treatment.

In addition, Chinese Herbs are given in the form of tinctures (herbs which are concentrated and put in an alcohol base), which the child can take added to his/her formula, or in pills, if they are older. Before prescribing the herbs, the practitioner will give a full examination of the body to determine the hot, cold and congested areas of the body. For example, coldness in the lower back points to kidney deficiency, and hair on the upper back points to lung weakness, whereas dry elbows and skin point to blood deficiency.

One of the most important things to determine for children’s ailments is to test if the child is allergic to foods or environmental allergens. An allergy free diet is imperative towards eliminating the chronic problems that are mentioned above. This can be done quite easily by the use of kinesiological or muscle testing the mother while holding the small child, when the food is in her hands. The inherent weakness will show up as evidence by the weak muscle response. Many illnesses can be cleared up with merely a change in diet. For more chronic and difficult problems, Chinese herbs and “shoni-shin” are used very successfully.

Just think of all the serious, chronic disorders of adulthood that could have been rectified if only once they could have seen a doctor of Chinese medicine in their youth? How easy it would have been to treat in those youthful times. Children need all the help that they can get, and Chinese medicine is one of the best things to give them to improve both the emotional and physical quality of their lives.

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