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In Center For Chinese and Wholistic Medicine in Lafayette, Ca – My focus is on healing; giving you the highest quality patient care using herbal medicine; treating the root cause of your condition with, herbal treatment, as well as your symptoms, so that you are up and running, enjoying life ASAP.

I have advanced training in Asia, and 28 years of successfully, effectively treating a wide variety of health conditions using proven Chinese medicine and acupuncture practices. I will give you relaxing, gentle treatments that are effective with eliminating your symptoms; communicate your diagnosis/ treatment plan. I am particularly effective at helping women resolve their hormonal issues such as PMS, menopause, pregnancy and infertility, pediatrics, male/female clients resolving pain conditions; internal medicine, lyme disease, and cancers.

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  • Effective diagnostic treatments – Compassionate care
  • Highest quality herbs.
  • Advanced diagnostic/acupuncture techniques.
  • Advanced training in Asia.


Patient Sharing Her Acupuncture Experience with Dr. Marjorie

More Testimonials:

I have found Dr. Singler’s acupuncture very helpful in treating my acute injuries and conditions. I was once severely injured and my shins were purple, green, orange, and red from the injury. Within 45 min. after the acupuncture treatment, the colors on my legs changed to normal and I went dancing that night. Another time, I had an acute itching rash all over my body , and after Marjorie’s treatment, the rash was completely gone.

Murray P.

When I started treatment with Marjorie Singler I had plantar fasciitis foot pain so bad I was limping. for 4 months. After several months of treatment I have no foot pain and have remained completely pain free. My knee pain is gone also.

L. Hunt

We’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past two years, using all sorts of treatments, including advanced infertility medical methods. Marjorie helped us combine Western IVF treatments with Chinese medicine. That cycle gave us our beautiful daughter, now 3 weeks old. We couldn’t be happier parents.

M.V. Happy New Mother

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