Center For Chinese and Wholistic Medicine

102At your first visit – which normally lasts about 90 minutes – a comprehensive evaluation of past and present medical history is completed. A traditional pulse diagnosis of the 12 energy channels on the right and left wrists, and tongue diagnosis are done. In addition, the diagnosis, treatment plan and any dietary/nutritional/herbal recommendations are discussed. Muscle testing and an acupuncture treatment are also done at the first visit (with or without needles).


Fees are discussed at the time of visit. Discount packages are available as well as discounts for families, seniors, students and children. Call the office for further details.

Complementary 20 min. introductory consultation

I am available to inquire about services; how Chinese Medicine can help you; what happens at the first visit and answer any questions.

Call 925-283-9931 for introductory appointment.

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Marjorie Singler