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Headaches are a very common malady successfully treated with Chinese Medicine. Many people suffer from headaches who have been on various painkillers for several years, not knowing that Chinese Medicine can help them not only relieve and get rid of their headaches, but other associated symptoms as well.

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at headaches in a very different way from Western Medicine. The diagnosis is very individualized, based on the 12 energy channel or ‘meridian’ pulses. From this specialized traditional pulse diagnosis, the Chinese medical doctor can ascertain whether the problems stems from Gall Bladder or Liver Meridian (as indicated by headaches on the side of the head), Stomach Meridian (as indicated by headaches on the frontal regions of the head); or by a Bladder Meridian imbalance (as indicated by headaches on the back or occipital regions of the head). Many times, more than one meridian is out of balance, so by proper pulse diagnoses and using acupuncture and herbs, the energy channels or meridians will be put back into balance by getting rid of excesses or by strengthening the deficiencies in the energy channels.

For example, three patients came in with headaches- one combined the headaches with fatigue, bloating, chronic indigestion and nausea. Another had headaches with dizziness, ringing of the ears and back pain. Yet a third patient had stabbing headaches with severe PMS, shoulder pain and pain down the sides of the legs. Each patient was treated quite differently. The first was diagnosed as having dampness of the Spleen Meridian, the second was evaluated as having a Kidney Meridian deficiency with Heart Fire rising; and the third was diagnosed as having Gall Bladder and Liver Meridian congestion, with Blood stagnation. Treatment consisted of acupuncture and traditional herbal therapy to remove dampness, and strengthen the spleen and kidney meridians; decongest the gall bladder and Liver meridians, circulate the Liver and remove the blood stagnation by circulating the blood. After completing their individualized programs, these three patients reported their headaches were gone, but were also surprised and pleased to report that their bloating, dizziness back pain, nausea, indigestion, PMS, shoulder tension, ringing of the ears were also significantly better or completely gone as well.

Thus, because traditional acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas have been used and studied for over 3,000 years, Chinese Medicine can be very effective in treating headaches, as every individual is treated quite uniquely and wholistically.

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