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The invention of recent advanced biophysical instruments has made it possible for many patients to receive acupuncture treatments without the use of needles. One of the most effective of these instruments is called the “flex-scope”. This instrument uses very low microcurrents of electricity to balance the energy channels or “meridians” of the body. It also uses the principle of what is called “Auriculotherapy”, in the form of electroacupuncture without needles.

Auriculotherapy is treatment of the varied points on the ear which represent the whole body. This method is very similar to reflexology where all the points on the body are located on the soles of the foot, except it is a much more sensitive technique when it is done with the “flex-scope”, different frequencies and microcurrents are used for different parts of the ear to improve the sensitivity of the treatment. The patient feels no pain, and frequently feels a sense of well-being, and more relaxed after the treatment. Patients with painful conditions usually feel much relief of pain within the first 1-5 treatments, (depending on the severity of the condition).

There is also another method of needless treatment. This is called “Koryo Hand Therapy“. In this treatment, the patient is diagnosed by looking at their carotid and radial pulses and abdominal palpation. Then the patient is treated by putting gold and silver pellets on their hand and fingers according to their diagnosis. The treatment is painless and many patients feel much calmer and the symptoms improve right after the treatment.

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